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In 2017 we realised that being tied to desk, or even a country is not conducive to creative freedom; so we left our jobs and established our own agency, beginning our global journey as NOMADs. 
NOMAD is a unique network of passionate creatives who take a cosmopolitan approach in delivering brilliant branding and design solutions, drawing on a wealth of cultural knowledge.
We are a creative digital agency specialising in branding, design, digital marketing and photography. We support our clients to build brands that communicate their values immaculately.
Taking a strategic approach, we build lasting relationships between quality brands and their clients, with one key motivator, mutual success. If you succeed, we succeed!

What Do We Do?

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Every successful brand needs a solid strategy & we’re passionate about helping you creating it!

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Beautiful design can’t make a brand, but it can be used to convey its quality. We love being creative!

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Let us help you find the right products for your customers and let them know about your brand.

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We provide beautiful stock & bespoke images and video that will communicate your brand.

How Can We Help?

We create unique brand identities

Do you understand your brand? We can help bring consistency to your brand message, ensuring that everyone in your organisation has the tools to communicate your message to your stakeholders perfectly.

We communicate your brand

Once you understand your brand, it's time to build on that identity in a way that appeals to both current and prospective customers alike. Our creatives excel in producing materials that will ring true & be remembered.

We produce beautiful websites

Using our understanding of your brand, we specialise in creating fully-functional websites that give you a market edge. Whether you need a simple portfolio, or a full membership & eCommerce site, we've got you covered.

We bring people into the fold

We know how to use digital branding, search engine optimisation and social media to build trust. Creating exposure and awareness for your brand is what we do best, in a way that is authentic and appealing in your market.

We provide the perfect images

Our library offers unique images that will never be available on the main stock websites. Our bespoke service also offers everything from headshots to product & architectural photography and 'environmental' portraits.

We inform your business decisions

We focus on trackable information, to make decisions based on real information. From website behaviour through search engine optimisation to social media marketing, if you don't track it, you can't improve it!

What Do People Say?

Confidence is important in any project and we're pleased to have our clients' trust...

Nomad control our Social Media marketing, SEO and have built a website for our Partners Programme. We get monthly reports and a clear and simple explanation of what all that data means. On-going activity is modified to grow our market and all is done with a quite smile and a level of true competence. I would strongly recommend Mike and Nomad to anyone looking to grow their business and brand though social media, SEO and their website.

Michael Shane


Mi Crow Courses

Nate Mcmullan Climbing Wall Services
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Nate McMullan


Climbing Wall Services


Prior to Mike establishing NOMAD, he was a client of Print Approved for many years.

Now, as the founder of NOMAD, Mike is able to use his extensive industry knowledge to provide a complete & comprehensive one-stop service.

Print Approved are now a client of NOMAD, making use of their design service. Mike has a talent of extrapolating your needs to create a crafted piece of work. Highly recommended!

Steve Bate


Print Approved